Sonia Solis

Sonia Solis

Sonia Solis


Category: Best Social Sustainability Initiative

Sonia Solis is a seasoned Nature Conservation Expert with a proven track record in driving multistakeholder engagement on water management, conservation actions, sustainability standards and social processes. Based in Guatemala, Sonia has over 18 years of experience in crafting and implementing successful environmental, social and nature conservation programmes, projects and strategies with civil society, private sector, as well as communities in Guatemala and Central America.

With a background in sustainability, nature conservancy projects and social mechanisms, Sonia has led teams to achieve significant improvements within agricultural transformation in Central America through sustainable practices focusing in improving social, environmental and productivity areas. For over 8 years, she worked with the sugar productive chains and local actors in Central America to achieve the first sugar mill certification under the Bonsucro standard in the region. Her expertise lies in optimising the knowledge about the sustainable standards, implementing sustainable agriculture with better practices in value chains, and maximising a positive impact.

Sonia holds a Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and a Masters degree in Environmental Law from Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala, and specialises on Sustainable standards such as Bonsucro, RSPO, among others.  She also holds a social inclusion and human rights specialisation, and continues to invest in learning and her professional development.

Currently working as Director of Nature Conservation at the Luis von Ahn Foundation in Guatemala, Sonia collaborates with cross-functional teams to develop and execute interventions with local NGOs in protected areas, watersheds, coastal areas, agriculture landscapes and supports social processes with local communities. Her passion for staying ahead in the ever-evolving nature conservancy, human rights and landscape management areas reflects on her ability to deliver result-driven strategies that align with sustainable development goals.

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