This year Bonsucro Week attendees have the opportunity to visit Biofabrica Siglo XXI, one of the leading agro-biotechnological companies in Mexico. Through the development of agrobiotechnical alternatives they are encouraging more ecological, sustainable and profitable agricultural production models.

Join us in seeing sustainability innovations in action on our field trip.

We will be running the field trip to Biofabrica Siglo XXI in groups on the final day of Bonsucro Global Week. Attendees will see sugarcane fields and Biofabrica’s innovative biofertilisers.


Carbon sequestration through soil technology innovation

A project supported by the Bonsucro Impact Fund

In 2022 Biofábrica Siglo XXI and its partners Coca-Cola de México and Unión Nacional de Cañeros, A.C. – CNPR were awarded a grant from the Bonsucro Impact Fund, for their innovative project focused on carbon sequestration and restoring soil fertility and health in sugarcane production.

The project looks to offer canegrowers more sustainable and proven sugarcane production models to:

  • Improve the way sugarcane is produced, to turn it into a Regenerative Agriculture that allow soil to be revitalised and capture carbon.
  • Develop farmers’ knowledge about their soil and production systems overall.
  • Increase farmers’ productivity and profitability.

The project is tackling multiple environmental issues, such as greenhouse gas emissions from burning and the use of chemical fertilisers, soil degradation, and crop resilience to the effects of climate change such as more frequent droughts.

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