Bonsucro Global Week 2022

What is Bonsucro Global Week?

Bonsucro Global Week is the leading event for sugarcane sustainability. This year, the event is returning and will be held Ribeirão Preto, Brazil – a powerhouse of sugarcane production. 

Delegates will have the chance to learn from experts, share their own experiences, and connect with their peers. The event will address complex global challenges, tell inspiring stories, and provide the latest insights into sustainability in sugarcane. 

Over four days, attendees will have access to a varied conference agenda, a drinks reception, the Bonsucro Inspire Awards, and a field trip – with a choice of destination. 

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Programme overview

Monday 17 October

Welcome address and drinks reception

Tuesday 18 October

Full day of conference programme followed by a free evening

Wednesday 19 October

Conference agenda during the day followed by the Bonsucro Inspire Awards

Thursday 20 October

Delegates will have the choice of two destinations for a field trip

This year’s programme will include an interactive two and a half day conference followed by field trip opportunities to experience sustainability innovations first-hand.

The opening ceremony of our conference will include representatives from the Brazilian government and important players in the sugarcane industry. We will also offer updates about Bonsucro, such as our new Production Standard, our latest impact data, details of our current projects and more.

We will take a deep dive into some of the most pressing sustainability issues for the sugarcane sector. We will explore how to drive the demand for sustainable sugarcane and its derivatives, provide examples of collaborating with the finance sector to drive sustainability, and look at ESG metrics and reporting.

We’ll cover traditional markets, new markets, and the latest innovation on how to use sugarcane. We will address vital environmental topics such as water security, regenerative agriculture, and biodiversity. We will also tackle social issues in sugarcane and hear from human rights defenders and indigenous communities. We will explore how to make grievance mechanisms more effective, how to ensure worker voices are heard, ways to drive decent work in the sector, and what support smallholder farmers need.

These themes will be offered in plenary presentations, panel discussions and Q&A sessions. We will also offer a selection of breakout sessions for focused discussions, interviews, and interactive conversations.

Who's attending Bonsucro Global Week?

Tickets to Bonsucro Global Week are selling fast and we’re expecting to sell out! The types of organisations that have bought tickets so far include:

  • Brands (food and drinks)
  • Certification bodies
  • Consultants
  • Farmers associations
  • Governments
  • Mills
  • Mill associations
  • NGOs
  • Packaging companies
  • Rum producers
  • Traders

We are also attracting delegates from a wide range of countries.

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