Inspire Awards 2

Could you win an Inspire Award in 2024?

The Bonsucro Inspire Awards recognise the exceptional contributions made by our members to accelerate the sustainable production and uses of sugarcane.

A growing need for change

Over the last fifteen years we’ve seen significant progress made towards the achievement of sustainability goals in the sugarcane sector. However, with rising global temperatures, diminishing natural resources, and environmental damage threatening the stability of the supply chains around the world, it’s more important than ever for the sector to come together to respond to these challenges.

The Inspire Awards were set up to celebrate our members as they tackle the problems facing their regions and supply chains. We celebrate their innovative thinking, creative problem solving, and willingness to share this knowledge with the wider sector, so that others may be inspired to develop projects that accelerate sustainability in sugarcane.

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Award categories

We are pleased to present three award categories that connect with our strategic objectives.


1. Best value chain initiative

Create value across the supply chain

Has your organisation been implementing initiatives that transform the sugarcane value-chain?

We want to recognise members who have been working to ensure the resilience and sustainability of their supply chains. From stimulating market demand for sustainable products and improving the productivity of production processes, to convening the sector through collaborations and campaigns – we want to hear from you!

Examples of projects could include: a diversified product line, an awareness-raising campaign, or the creation of a strategic partnership.


2. Best environmental initiative

Improve the environmental impact of sugarcane

Has your organisation been working to improve its environmental impact?

We’re looking to award those going above and beyond to make their operations more environmentally sustainable. From production and processing, to packaging and distribution, we want to hear about initiatives that tackle climate change, identify solutions, and build climate resilience.

Examples could include projects on: reducing GHG emissions, water stewardship, soil health, regenerative agriculture and ecosystems, biodiversity, sustainable packaging, and much more!


3. Best social initiative

Strengthen human rights and decent work in sugarcane farming and milling

Have you been identifying and addressing social issues in your supply chains?

We want to hear from our members who have been driving decent work and safer conditions in sugarcane farming and milling. Tell us about your projects to rectify social issues in your supply chains and communities.

Examples could include projects that: improve gender equality, address labour issues, or contribute to workers’ health and safety.

Continuous Improvement Award

Continuous improvement is at the centre of the Bonsucro Strategic Plan 2021-2026. Each year, we ask our members to report on their commitments, progress and plans on sustainable production, processing and sourcing in the annual ‘Continuous Improvement Report.’ 

The report is not just an accountability tool; it also offers visibility on where members are on their journey and allows us to support them with their next steps. 

We want to recognise those committed to their continuous improvement. This award will be given to the organisation who scores highest in our Continuous Improvement Report. 


*Note* members do not need to submit an entry – all those who submit their report will be automatically considered for the award. 

Why enter?

We want to recognise the outstanding work being done by our members to promote sustainability throughout the sugarcane supply chain. Entering the Bonsucro Inspire Awards is a great opportunity to showcase the work of your organisation at the leading event for sugarcane sustainability – Bonsucro Global Week. Entrants and shortlisted contestants will receive publicity and exposure through our extensive network through the following prizes.

Inspire Awards winners

  • A feature on your project on the Global Week website, shared on the Bonsucro social media, reaching an audience of over 20,000 around the world
  • Inclusion in a press release announcing the award winners 
  • A winner’s logo to use on your website/social media/email signatures 
  • A feature in our Global Week newsletter
  • Bonsucro Inspire Awards trophy

Shortlisted entries

  • Logo and project summary on the Global Week website
  • Inclusion in a post on Bonsucro’s social media
  • A mention in our Global Week newsletter
  • A shortlisted project logo to use on your website/social media/email signatures
  • Shortlisted certificate

All entries

  • Feedback from judging panel

Eligibility criteria

To submit an entry to the Bonsucro Inspire Awards, your organisation must: 

  • Be a Bonsucro member 
  • Submit an entry specifically related to a sugarcane project 
  • Have started the initiative no more than 3 years ago (no earlier than 2021) 

If your project is supported by the Bonsucro Impact Fund, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below for details on whether your project is eligible for this year’s iteration of the Awards.

What will you need?

We want to know about:

  • The reason behind your project  
  • The project’s impact, and how you measure the impact 
  • The project’s journey, challenges and successes 
  • Key lessons you’ve learnt 
  • Your collaboration with others  

Frequently asked questions

The word limit in the form is there to guide the length of your answers to the questions. If you have additional information that you would like to share with the judges, you can add supporting documentation at the end of the submission form.

No, organisations can only submit one entry for the Bonsucro Inspire Awards.

No, organisations can only submit one entry for the Bonsucro Inspire Awards.

Yes, we encourage the continuous improvement of projects and initiatives. If you can demonstrate improvement since your last submission, we encourage you to submit your entry again for the 2024 Awards.

Projects supported by the Bonsucro Impact Fund (BIF) are not eligible for the Bonsucro Inspire Awards this year due to conflict of interest between Bonsucro and the BIF grantees. Since the number of BIF projects is growing year on year, future editions of the Inspire Awards may feature a prize specific for BIF projects.

No, the submission must only be entered for one award category. Chose the category that aligns the best with your project. If you need help deciding which category would be best to enter, contact for advice.

Bonsucro will use information from the awards submissions in our communications materials. If there is confidential information included, you can mark it on the submission form and it will not be shared.