The global movement for sustainable sugarcane is on

Food and drink supply chains are under growing scrutiny

Sustainability has moved up the ladder of shoppers’ priorities. Individuals are not just choosing products based on taste and price; they’re actively looking for sustainable brands and products.

1 in 2 shoppers in the US

have changed food and grocery brands based on sustainability considerations

2023 US Brand Sustainability Benchmark Report, Glow

Addressing the environmental and social challenges in your sugarcane supply chains is key to minimising your brand’s reputational risk. These challenges include water exploitation, habitat loss, soil degradation, inadequate working conditions, and low wages.

The platform for ideas and solutions

Companies that source sugarcane derivatives such as refined sugar, molasses, rum or ethanol, can take the next step in their responsible sourcing journey at Bonsucro Global Week.

The global leading event for sustainable sugarcane is the ideal platform to discover solutions to accelerate sustainability in your supply chain.

Accelerating sustainability in your sugarcane supply chain


Bonsucro is the leading global sustainability platform and standard for sugarcane.

We work with companies all along the sugarcane supply chain, from farmer to consumer goods manufacturer to address critical environmental and social challenges and transform the sector.

Bonsucro certification sets the bar for responsible production and sourcing. Buying Bonsucro certified materials will help to mitigate risks in your supply chain, meet legislative requirements, create more sustainable products and meet customer expectations. 

Membership is the first step towards certification. Our 300+ members get multiple benefits, from technical advice on sustainability in sugarcane supply chains, to the ability and support in understanding changing legislative landscapes, to the opportunity to meet sustainable procurement targets with Bonsucro Credits, and grant opportunities for impact projects.

Some of our members in food & drink

The world’s premier event for sustainability in sugarcane


Cuernavaca, Mexico – 20-23 May 2024


Bonsucro Global Week is a unique platform designed to help you explore how to drive sustainability in your sugarcane supply chain.

This year’s agenda covers key themes such as smallholders’ inclusivity, human rights, GHG mitigation, traceability, sustainability in rum and more.

Participants will also have the opportunity to see the impact of biofertilisers in action on our field trip at Biofabrica Siglo XXI, one of the leading agro-biotechnological companies in Mexico.

Bonsucro Global Week is a unique networking platform to meet people from across the sugarcane sector and potential partners.

Already booked on are companies from around the globe, including sugarcane producers, traders, global brands, and NGOs.