Best value chain sustainability initiative

Muda Cana – ORPLANA, in partnership with Fundação Solidaridad

The program aims to offer sugarcane producers technical assistance to meet their demands, promoting good practices, technical training and sustainable management. It has resulted in more than 9,000 producers benefiting from the improvement of services and more than 7,000 people trained on topics related to sugarcane cultivation. 


Best environmental sustainability initiative

SOS Fire (SOS Incêndios) – Canaoeste, in partnership with GMG Ambiental 

This project is aimed at fighting fires in sugarcane and native vegetation areas on rural properties, building a network with approximately 3,000 rural properties with fire control equipment. Due to this initiative, there was a significant improvement of fire safety for members of Canaoeste, since they are up to date with the current environmental legislation and are performing good practices to avoid fire outbreaks in sugarcane plantations. 

Best social sustainability initiative

Integrated ARBO Child Labour and PPE Programme (IACAP) – Sugar Industry Foundation Inc. (SIFI) in partnership with Proforest, Nestle and ASR Group

This project focuses on institutionalising the prevention of child labour and promotion of appropriate PPE use among farmer organisations. Last year, an estimated 350 farmers from 21 ARBOs participated, of which 75% are children. Through these activities, children (and parents) are made to become more aware of their rights and the ill-effects of hazardous labour. 25 ARBOs have passed policies on PPE use and preventing child labour, and have received training on child labour, proper PPE use, institutionalizing IACAP and how to conduct monitoring. 


Best evidence of continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is at the centre of the Bonsucro Strategic Plan 2021-2026. Each year, we ask our members to report on their commitments, progress and plans on sustainable production, processing and sourcing in the annual ‘Continuous Improvement Report.’ The organisations that scored highest in our Continuous Improvement Report and received this years’ Best evidence of continuous improvement awards are  


Usina São Luiz 

The Bonsucro Inspire Awards exist to recognise the exceptional contributions made by our members to accelerate the sustainable production and use of sugarcane. The projects submitted were diverse and addressed localised sustainability challenges.

Each judge on our panel was asked to read all the submissions in one category and provide scores in four areas: inspiration, inclusion, impact, and insights. All judging was done remotely and all scores were kept confidential. The winning projects were the submissions that received the most points.

One of our judges, Evan Cupido, Project Manager for Africa Programmes at Stronger Together was impressed with the submissions in his category, saying that there is some “real inspiring work being done on the ground. Congratulations to all”.

You can find the details of the Bonsucro Inspire Awards judges here.

The awards programme saw entries from countries such as, Australia, the Philippines, Guatemala, Brazil, India, and Pakistan.

The winners of the awards were announced at a ceremony on Wednesday 19 October at Bonsucro Global Week in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil.